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I don’t think I’ve ever been happier that an election is over. It seems like the campaigning lasts longer and longer every 4 years, and the “talking heads” that analyze the crap out of every.single.thing that each candidate says start earlier and earlier.

I have to admit that Facebook really played into my overall annoyance with the  election process. Not only do I have to listen to the media, now I have to “listen” to each of my 386 friends spouting their nonsense.

In my real life (not to be confused with my life here on the interwebs) I make it a point to talk politics with only a select few people–my husband, my parents, and a few very close friends. Not all of these people share my political views–it’s not about only talking to people who agree with me– but all of them are willing to talk about the candidates and the issues and share their own opinions with respect. No one makes sweeping generalizations about the future of this country and no one threatens to move to another country if Candidate X or Y gets elected.

So, as I said before, I’m happy that it’s all over.  Regardless of any party affiliation, I’m an American and because of that I’ll stand behind whoever our president is.  As a friend of mine so eloquently said, “If we want a better nation, we really need to start working together to make it that way. It doesn’t take one leader to decide our fate… Look in the mirror, become a better person & move forward. We should be helping everyone we can, not because we sustained a disaster (Hurricane Sandy), but because we really truly care about each other”.

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