Nicholas is 1 Month Old!

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How has it already been a whole month since Nicholas came into this world? I’ve said this before about Gia, but it feels like he’s always been here and it also feels like he just got here.  1 Month Stats:   Weight: 9 lbs 11 oz (50%)Height: 21.5 inches (50%)  I bought him some cute nautical month stickers on Etsy and we started the picture taking today. Someone was NOT a fan. 

 My little munchkin grained nearly 3 pounds in a month! Even the doctor was impressed with that one. He currently takes between 4 and 5 ounces every 3 hours (mix of breast milk and formula) which also surprised the doctor (although it makes sense given the weight gain!). One time a day he’ll give us a 4 hour stretch and that’s usually in the early evening. For now it’s working out because Jon has been working 3pm – 11pm this week and after Gia is in bed it’s nice to have a tiny bit of downtime after I put the house back together. Eventually I’m hoping that 4 hour stretch shifts to the later part of the night (12am to 4 am sounds great!).    

And, here’s a little one-month old comparison for you. (The bottom picture of Nicholas is him at 2 weeks. I added it in for facial comparison. His screaming face makes it hard to see if he looks like Gia at all.) 

 Gia was SO much bigger. At one month she was 11lbs 6 oz and 22 inches. So, not much taller, but almost 2 whole pounds bigger! You can see it in her chubby little arms and legs. Nicholas’s arms and legs are still pretty scrawny.   Lastly, in other related news, I finally took pictures of the mostly-completed nursery and will post them here soon!  

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