Nicholas is 10 Months!

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Time flies when you have a child. Every month you marvel at how fast the time has gone. When you have a 2nd child, it goes even faster. It seems like my baby boy is disappearing right before my eyes and he’s being replaced with a toddler. The changes in Nicholas were much more subtle this month but they’re still there and they’re all pointing to one thing: he’s growing up!

9 month stats

from his doctor appointment:

20 lbs 2 oz

28 inches


10 month developments. Nicholas…

  • eats pretty much all solid food. Occasionally we’ll spoon feed him a jar of food for breakfast, but that’s it. He loves the pouches and loves to hold them and suck the food out himself, so we do give him those as well.
  • loves vegetables. I buy the big bag of frozen veggies and heat up a half a cup and then just let him feed himself and he loves it. (see above)
  • loves fruit, especially bananas, nectarines, cantaloupe and watermelon.
  • crawls like a madman. He is so fast. When he wants to go even faster he uses his right foot to push himself along.
  • crawls up stairs and attempts to go down them too. Both are very scary! We have 2 steps from our kitchen into our family room and he loves to go up and then try to go down.
  • pulls to standing on everything. When he stands Gia says “look at his ‘big boy’ legs” and I crack up.
  • loves to talk. He has repeated mama, dada, and wow when we encourage him.
  • plays very well by himself. I can put him in the playroom with toys and he’ll play for upwards of 20 minutes without me. (Gia is 4 and rarely does that! She always needs me to watch or play with her.)
  • loves TV. When Gia watches a show, he’s right there with her watching. I try not to let him watch too much, but it’s hard with his big sister around.
  • loves Gia. He is always looking for her and always wants to be near her. He loves all her toys and she is very very good about sharing with him.
  • is sleeping MUCH better. He takes 2 long naps (1 to 1.5 hours) and sleeps between 11 and 12 hours a night with one wakeup.


Gia/Nicholas comparison shot coming soon! Nicholas had a little photo shoot tonight, but I can’t share the pictures yet!


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