Nicholas is 2 months old!

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I’m a little late with this one (thanks to Christmas and New Years) and I still have so many posts to catch up on. But…  …Without further ado, here are Nicholas’s 2 month stats!

2 Month Stats:   Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz (73%)Height: 22.75 inches (51%) 

 My little Nicholas is growing, growing, growing way too fast. He’s lost that newborn look and is much more baby-like. He coos and smiles and laughs and it’s just the cutest thing in the world. He’s a total mama’s boy and I love every second of it. If someone else is holding him, but I’m within eyesight, he won’t take his eyes off me.  He also saves most of his best talking for me. Totally makes me swoon!   Nicholas continues to be a very easy baby. He’s extremely predictable. He eats and then he’s awake for about an hour. Then he gets cranky because he needs a nap, but is too nosy to take one. Sometimes I let him fuss for a minute (and it really only takes a minute) and then he falls asleep. Other times I pick him up and we cuddle till he’s off to dreamland. He’ll sleep for about an hour and then he’s up and wanting to be fed again. He eats 5 oz every 3 hours like clockwork.

He’s not the greatest sleeper in the world (that title still belongs to Gia) but he’s working on it. He usually gives us one stretch of 6 hours. Recently that’s been from 9 pm to 3 am. Then he eats and is back to sleep till 7:30 or whenever Gia wakes us up.  Little man loves food, so unfortunately for us, I think it’ll be a few more weeks until we drop that 3 am feeding.
Unfortunately, Nicholas had his first cold this month. Gia is a great sharer and must have passed on some lovely pre-school germs. He mostly had some sniffles–thankfully no fever. He wasn’t even cranky. The major issue is the mucus. It’s hard for him to sleep at night, which has been rough on mommy and daddy.  Lastly…for comparison.
At 2 months Gia was: 
13 lbs 15 (off the charts)23 inches (85%)

I see some sibling resemblance there now that Nicholas is a little chunkier! Do you? 

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