Nicholas is 3 Months!

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Nicholas is 3 months old! 
Gia heard me say 3 and she thinks they’re the same age now. But then I explained that he’s months and she’s years and she declared “years are better”.


We don’t have a well-visit this month, so I’m estimating his weight to be in the 14 pound range!
As for height, all I can say is he’s definitely growing! He’s getting too tall for 0-3 month clothes — his little ankles hang out of everything, so we’ve moved on to 3-6 or 6 month sizes. He was probably ready for this a week ago, but I just couldn’t part with the little stuff yet. I’m not ready for my baby to get big! 

   Also filed under the “I don’t want my baby to get big” category is the fact that Nicholas is still sleeping in our room. He was getting way too big for the bassinet so we tried one night in his crib. He woke up a few times that night and I was miserable going back and forth a million times. So, we moved the pack-n-play into our room, which my husband is thrilled about. But, it works for now.  We’re going away in 2 weeks and we’ll transition him to his crib when we return.  

In other news, Nicholas now sleeps through the night! This started a little less than a week ago. He’d had a really good eating day and I had a feeling he was ready. Prior to sleeping through the night, he’d been taking between 28 & 30 oz a day, with 5 or 6 of those ounces around 3 am. For a few nights he’d take only 3 or 4 oz in the middle of the night and fall deeply back to sleep for another 5 hour stretch. It seemed like he was waking up more out of habit than anything else. So last week he had a marathon eating day and took about 35 oz in a 24 hour period–30 oz during his waking hours. I was confident that his belly was full and he’d had enough to eat. So that night when he started fussing at 3 am, I put his pacifier in and put my hand on his belly and shushed him. (In general he really responds well to the shhhhh sound. Day or night, when he’s fussing, he usually just wants to be close to me and to be shushed. And I love just about every second of that!!) It took about 10 minutes for him to settle–there was lots of wriggling around and sucking hard on the paci. But, once he settled down, he slept till 8 am without a peep! Now that Nicholas sleeps through the night, he generally has 5 bottles a day. Each are 6 oz and the last one before bedtime is usually 7.5.  

My little munchkin is much more serious than his sister was (maybe he takes after me? My husband and Gia are goofballs). He loves to talk and he makes tons of noises, but it takes a bit to get him to smile and laugh. He can roll from his belly to his back, although I’ve never actually seen him do it. I’ll put him down for tummy time (which he’s ok with–Gia hated it) and I’ll walk away for a minute and he’ll be on his back. If I stand and watch, he won’t do it.  

And, although this might sound crazy, I think he’s started teething already! I constantly see his little tongue flicking his lower gums. (You can see him doing it in the picture below.) I can definitely see white buds under there, and if I put my finger in his mouth he chews on it very hard. I wouldn’t be surprised if a tooth popped through before he turns 4 months! 

  For comparison:

The older Nicholas gets, the less I see any resemblance between these 2! Gia’s coloring is so much darker than Nicholas. The shape of her eyes, the shape of her head, and her chubby little body are all so different from Nicholas’s.  You can’t tell here, but Nicholas’s eyes are still a hazel color. I hope they stay that way!

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    Vivien had two bottom teeth all the way up in her 6 month pictures. I think she started teething around 4 months. Not impossible!

    1-22-14 at 10:23 pm
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