Nicholas is 4 Months!

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At this point, Nicholas is 4 and half months old! I’m waaay late with this post. I actually took the pictures on time, but haven’t had a chance to edit them and write about Nicholas and all his developments.  Brace yourself; it’s gonna be a long one!


Nicholas’s 4 Month Stats:

Weight: 15 lbs 12 oz

Height: 25 inches

We had Nicholas’s 4 month old well-visit on February 20th and I think the doctor broke him.  Prior to that appointment, Nicholas wasn’t the greatest sleeper. After that appointment things got way worse. He started sleeping through the night right before he turned 3 months old, but in the interest of full disclosure, he was sleeping half of that time in our bed.  I never thought I’d co-sleep, but when you’re exhausted and have a second tiny human to take care of too, you do what you gotta do. (More on co-sleeping in a different post).


After the dreaded 4 month shots, Nicholas would not let me put him down. He would only sleep if he was being held or was in our bed with us. We wanted to start transitioning to the crib, but that was not happening. And naps were horrible too. In the pack n play or swing, he’d nap for 15 minutes and then he’d wake up crying and I wouldn’t be able to get him back to sleep. Occasionally he’d sleep for 35 or 40 minutes, but only on his stomach. He was a cranky, crying mess and he hated his crib with a passion. I couldn’t even put him in it for a minute or two when I was in his room with him, putting clean clothes away or something. He’d freak out and do his “I’m in pain, come get me right now” cry.

Desperate for some relief (and not wanting to co-sleep forever), I googled my little heart out and found the Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. It arrived quickly but Jon was working nights and I didn’t have time to figure out how I wanted to incorporate it into our bedtime routine. We finally used it 3 nights ago. And…holy crap, I have a sleeping baby! Basically, it’s a snow suit that keeps babies feeling secure without swaddling them. It’s super soft and they can move around but it cuts down on the flailing that keeps them awake. Nicholas calms down the minute I put him in it. The first night with Magic Merlin Nicholas slept in his crib from 7 pm to 2 am and then woke up 4 times in 30 minutes, which earned him a spot in our bed again. The second night he slept from 8pm to 6am. He woke up 2 times and went right back with a little shushing! And last night he did 7:30 to 5:30 am (and then in our bed for the last hour).


To say we’re happy is an understatement. Jon and I sleep better with Nicholas in his crib, and so does he. He’s happier during the day and is napping a little better too. Here’s to many more restful nights!

Other Developments

So now that I’ve blabbed on and on about sleep, I’ll give you the quick run down on other developments.

  • Takes 5 bottles a day, 8 oz each. At the 4 month appointment his doctor said that if he takes 40 oz a day, for 10 days, we can start cereal. As of today, it’s been 11 days. But, we’re trying to wait till he’s 5 months.  (The older babies are when they start solids, there is less of a chance of food allergies. Since my husband has some food allergies, I’m not in a rush just yet.)
  • Loves his hands and is constantly chewing on them.
  • No teeth yet!
  • Still has horrible eczema. It doesn’t seem to bother him much though. Vanicream has helped tremendously.
  • Finally laughs! Mostly he talks and makes happy little squealing sounds, but we finally get giggles from him, too. His newest sound is “oooooh” and a “pluttttth” spitting sound he loves to do.
  • Totally mama’s boy. He is always looking for me. If someone else is holding him and I come near, he wiggles around and stares at me and smiles. I love it.
  • Is wearing size 2 diapers and 6 month clothes.
  • Finally rolls! (As of an hour ago!) I’m wondering if this will help with sleep. I know he wants to sleep on his stomach and I’m not comfortable with that till he rolls consistently, which he seems to do now.
  • Is starting to develop core muscles. If he doesn’t want me to lay him down, he uses his muscles to try to pull up.
  • Loves Gia so so much. She can calm him down with just a few words. If he’s fussing and I ask her to go to him, she’ll sit there and talk to him. She mimics what she hears us saying to him and it’s adorable: “Hi little buddy. It’s ok. Don’t be sad. Gigi’s here. Mommy’s coming soon. Don’t be sad little guy.”

Nicholas & Gia 4 month comparison

Gia at 4 months = 17 lbs 7 oz and 26 inches



Nicholas and Gia–same age being silly in the SAME way


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