Nicholas is 7 months!

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This past month with Nicholas has been, by far, the most fun. This may sound odd, but I think some babies just don’t like being babies. They want to go or move or be able to do things they can’t yet do. I didn’t have that experience with Gia. She was a super content and happy kid. She sailed through every milestone and “stage” gracefully and easily. This is not to say Nicholas is difficult, because he really isn’t. He has two teeth and yet we barely know he’s teething. He’s not a fussy baby.  He does love me something fierce and wants to be with me all the time, but he’s a really happy, content, calm guy. But, I’ve noticed that the older he gets and the more things he can do, the happier he is.


This is his “I know I’m cute” face.



7 Month Developments! Nicholas…

  • sits up unassisted! He loves to look around and he actually plays with toys. If I sit him up with the boppy behind him and spread some toys out around him, he’ll stay there for a while playing.
  • grabs everything he can reach and puts it right in his mouth. When I’m carrying him around, he’ll often try to swipe whatever can that’s in our path.
  • loves to make noises. Baaaa is his favorite.
  • still loves to blow like he’s blowing out birthday candles. He mostly does this when he’s happy or content.
  • is still taking great naps. Of course the longest ones are usually when I have to go somewhere…
  • sleeps on his belly. He rolls very well now so I’m ok with him sleeping on his belly. He scratches less this way and therefore he sleeps better at night. He’s still in the pack ‘n play in our room though because he’s still up quite a few times every night scratching away.
  • has little babbling sessions with many different sounds that actually sort of resemble words.
  • is becoming so social. He loves looking around and checking out his surroundings.
  • hates to be alone. Sometimes I set him up with toys in the family room while Gia is watching a show. Then I sneak out to try and get a few things done. Gia will often follow me to see what I’m doing, leaving him alone. As soon as he realizes he’s alone, he freaks.
  • tries to hold his bottle. I’m pretty sure he can do it but just doesn’t want to. (This was the case with Gia. She never held it just because she didn’t want to.)
  • is working on the pincer grasp. On two separate occasions he’s been able to get a cheerio to his mouth without our help.  He absolutely loves mum-mums (baby crackers) and has a pack of them every night. He sits in his high chair eating his mum-mums while we eat dinner and it keeps him busy for a good 20 minutes.
  • bonded a TON with daddy this month. They are thick as thieves lately. When Jon gets home from work he says hi to Gia first and Nicholas bounces, just waiting for attention. (Today he actually started to cry because Jon wasn’t getting to him fast enough!)


7 Month Comparison


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