Nicholas is 8 Months!

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8 months old has brought us some majorly awesome changes in Nicholas. His happy and easygoing little personality is more apparent each and every day. It’s amazing to see him grow and change right before my eyes.


Perhaps the biggest change this month has been sleep! I’m so happy to say that Nicholas now spends the vast majority of the night in his crib. He still wakes up one or two times a night, but we’ve made huge progress and everyone is happier. We went back to the pediatric dermatologist and he said I wasn’t being aggressive enough with the eczema meds. So I stepped up my game and he’s been great for over two weeks. Less itching transitioned to better sleep.  The only downside is he naps less. I guess better sleep at night = not as much of a need for long naps, which is ok with me. I’m busy pretty much every minute of the day, so it’s not like I was looking forward to his nap time to get tons of stuff done around the house.


8 month developments! Nicholas…

  • knows his name! If you call him, he looks at you.
  • reaches for me if he wants to come to me or if he wants to be picked up. He also buries his head in my neck when he’s being shy or flirty.
  • loves toys that he can shake so they make noise. When we were in Shop Rite last week I had to buy a small container of Mentos because they were perfect size for his little hands. He was shaking it like crazy and getting a kick out of it and therefore not losing his mind from being in his stroller for so long.
  • is trying so hard to crawl. He can get into position but doesn’t know what to do from there. He can go backwards, but that frustrates him because it’s not what he wants to do.
  • loves his feet. He’s constantly chewing on his toes (or his fingers).
  • loves to feed himself puffs (He could do this last month too but wasn’t as good at it). He also takes bites out of his mummums. For some reason I think it’s the cutest thing ever to see his little bite marks.
  • is starting to like more real food. He’s tried Trader Joe’s chicken nuggets, whole wheat pancakes, pizza, watermelon, and grilled cheese. He loves pancakes the most.
  • loves cold water and loves to drink it from a real glass.
  • hates squash. He can detect it in any pureed babyfood, even if it’s part of a combo of 3 different things.
  • squeezes his eyes shut when he’s done eating or doesn’t want anymore. It’s hilarious.


8 Month Comparison! For the first time I see some sibling resemblance.

NG 8 months


And lastly… check THIS out. Nicholas on the left. Me on the right. 

Nmommy comparison


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