Nicholas is 9 Months!

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This is such a fun time in Nicholas’s development. I wish I could freeze time because I love having an almost 4 year old (5 more days!! More on that soon…) and a 9 month old. Nicholas is a such a sweet little guy and I love seeing bits of his personality emerge as he grows. He’s so different than Gia was at this age and I love all the new adventures that come with raising him.


9 month developments. Nicholas…

  • loves food! We’re full steam ahead with the baby-led weaning. (If you’re unfamiliar with the term, baby-led weaning simply means letting babies feed themselves real, solid food in addition to their diet of formula or breast milk.) In the past 2 weeks Nicholas is totally sick of pureés and wants to exclusively self-feed. He’s getting much better with the pincer grasp, so we always let him do some self-feeding and then when he gets frustrated because he’s hungry and can’t get the food in fast enough, we shovel in some pureés to help fill him up.  He likes pretty much everything. Favorites right now are nectarines, watermelon, pasta with marinara, pizza, meatballs, and graham crackers.
  • is back to not sleeping.  I recently read Bed Timing: The “When-to” Guide to Helping Your Child to Sleep and it is a wonderful resource. I highly recommend it to people who want to understand more about baby development. It’s not just about sleep, although it does link baby’s behavior to sleeping patterns. It’s not uncommon for babies to go backwards a bit with their sleep during the 8-11 month window because of all the developmental changes. Also this is about the time when real separation anxiety sets in and both of these things are majorly happening with Nicholas. So…we’re back to frequent wake ups and 2 am crawling parties for a few months.


  • crawls! Check it out on video here! He also tries to pull up on all the furniture. Last week, as he was learning to crawl and attempting to pull, he was cautious. As of today…not so much. He’s all over the place!
  • claps! Gia taught him this one and it’s adorable. He claps when he’s happy, when he hears music and when anyone says “yay!”
  • still takes 3 naps a day. Because of Gia’s camp schedule we’re usually in the car just when Nicholas needs to sleep. So he ends up falling asleep in the car and taking 3 shorter naps a day. On weekends or when we’re home all day, he’ll take a long afternoon nap.
  • has 8 teeth! #8 just broke through yesterday. He has his fingers in his mouth all the time, and I’m sure all these teeth aren’t helping with the sleep!
  • had his first mini hair cut. We finally got rid of the one curl right on the top of his head. Not to fear…tiny curls are still there.
  • loves to play with toys. If Gia is around he’ll sit for a very long time and watch her and “play” with her. His favorite toys are anything that he can shake, anything that makes noise, and the open & close pop up toy. He also loves to take things out of bins or buckets and fling them around.

9month collage

  • copies noises Gia makes. She roars at him and he roars back. She spits, he spits. It’s hilarious.
  • loves peek a boo.
  • looks when I point to things. He can point his finger but he doesn’t yet realize that pointing will make us look at the object he’s pointing at.
  • his eczema has really changed and is much less severe, for which we are very thankful. He’s much more comfortable, we’re using his meds less frequently and he’s having fewer flare ups.

For comparison…Nicholas and Gia



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