Nicholas’s Nursery {finally!}

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Before we jump right in and check out Nicholas’s nursery,  let me tell you a little bit about Nicholas’s room and how it all came together.
When I was pregnant with Gia, Jon let me have carte blanche when it came to decorating her room. Well, kinda. I picked her bedding and the colors, but he drew the line when I asked him to paint two-toned stripes on her walls. (I know it’s not that hard to do, but, in his defense, her room at the time was HUGE. It would have taken him forever. And a day.)

So, once we found out we were having a boy, I let Jon pick the theme of the nursery and from there we picked stuff out together. He absolutely loves the beach (and the summer), so he chose a nautical theme. Over the next few months, we had shopping for things for Nicholas’s room.
So without further ado, here is the {mostly} finished product. 
{All photos are courtesy of Noelle Soroka Photography unless otherwise noted.}

Yes the anchor is a little crooked (thanks to the hanging hook on the back). Nicholas absolutely loves the anchor too. When we change his diaper he stares at it the entire time.

One of the things I like best about Nicholas’s room is that we did three walls in an awesome khaki color and the fourth wall is navy blue. The effect is very very cool.  

 The blanket in these pictures is Jon’s baby blanket. His mom saved it and gave it to me at my sprinkle. I’m totally sentimental like that (you’re not surprised, right? This is really just an extension of a tradition!) and I love that Nicholas has this and that it looks so cool in his room.  

  Above Nicholas’s crib we hung a vinyl compass decal. And here you can see the navy blue wall.  

Photo credit: Me

We found this little whale in Home Goods and he was on sale for something like $3. I had to have him.   

Before Nicholas was born, we had Gia paint a picture especially for her baby brother. I found an anchor to go with theme of Nicholas’s room, and set her up with paint colors that coordinated with Nicholas’s room decor. 

Photo Credit: me

 Once the paint dried, I cut it and framed it and it’s currently in Nicholas’s room, waiting to be hung. (We also have an awesome captain’s wheel that Jon stained and also needs to be hung.) 

Photo Credit: me

What do you think? 

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