Nicholas’s Speech {Update}

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A few weeks ago I wrote about Nicholas and his struggle with speech. (You can read that post here.) I can’t thank you all for your kind and encouraging words on the blog and on social media. Dealing with a speech delay is all new territory for us (Gia was talking in 3 word ‘sentences’ at 18 months) and it means so much to have support as we navigate through this new world of delayed speech.

We recently began therapy and we’re thrilled with how Nicholas is progressing. Nicholas’s speech therapist comes to the house 2 times a week and works with him for 30-40 minutes each time. In just a few short weeks we’ve seen so many improvements. Nicholas always babbled, but now it sounds just like actual words.  If you ask him where something is and he doesn’t know, he makes a noise that sounds like “don’t know” and he turns up his palm and shrugs. When he is having fun and wants to do something again, he says “wuuu muuu tie” which means “one more time”. He also puts up 1 finger and then signs more, which is hilarious.

Speech delay 19 months

Nicholas has a bunch of new words too. He says, yuck, yay, uh oh,  and bleeeeh (if he doesn’t like something). He tries to say hi and bye too, though they sound more like haaaa and baaaa. He also clearly makes a bunch of new sounds: B, P, L and H. His favorite new word is “bubble” and he’s so proud of himself when he says it. If you ask him to sing he’ll say “Laalaaalaalaa” and if you ask what sound an owl makes he goes “hoooooooo” (with a clear “H” sound at the beginning).

He’s still only speaks on command and his therapist is working on teaching him to ask for what he wants using words rather than gestures. In the meantime we continue to sign with Nicholas with great success. We’ve added “give me” and “owl” to our signs. Owl because both kids love watching YouTube videos of owls ;). Gia is a huge help with Nicholas. She signs with him and encourages him to talk to her when they play.

speech delay 19 months

Hearing Nicholas make progress is so encouraging. He really is the sweetest boy and I can’t wait to hear him talk all the time. I’m looking forward to the days when I’m praying for quiet!

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