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One of the best things about being pregnant is that people (strangers) are so nice to you. People hold doors for you, smile at you, offer to carry things for you. People generally act the way I wish we’d act all the time. (That’s a whole other story for another day though…) Well, having a newborn isn’t much different. People are so kind. I know I’m not “supposed” to be out & about with Nicholas just yet, but, well, I have another child & a household to try to keep afloat. So out we go.I don’t take Nicholas out every single day. He stays home with my husband as much as possible, but there are times when he just has to come with me. And every single time, I’m bombarded with kindness from strangers.  Today, alone, I was told “God Bless” at least 4 times while in Shop Rite with him.   And then, there’s the Holy Grail of Nice Comments You Can Make to the New Mommy. Of course I love hearing how cute he is, but really, all babies are cute. When they find out how old Nicholas is sometimes they follow it up with, “Wow, you look great”. And let me tell you, it makes my day. Even if they’re lying, it does wonders for the self esteem, especially when I’m in sweatpants and feeling less than pretty with my big old postpartum belly.  So, note to self, next time you see a newborn and want to tell his mommy how cute he or she is, also tell her how great she looks. Because even if she looks exhausted and clearly doesn’t have on any makeup, any hasn’t showered yet that day, she made it out of the house with an infant. That’s a feat in and of itself.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll brighten her day the way some really awesome strangers have brightened mine.   Ps. While we’re on the subject of kindness, I wanted to share one more thing. This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting one of my blog readers, who is a friend of a friend and someone I’d never met before. She said some of the sweetest things about this blog and it meant so much to me. The same goes for all of you that leave me comments here or on my Facebook page for this blog. You all know how much I love blogging and the fact that a few someones out there are reading and enjoying it, means the world to me.

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