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Dear Gia, Today was your 3rd birthday party–a carnival party! We had it at our house, in the backyard, and it couldn’t have been a better day. The heatwave broke and although it was still hot, it was a beautiful summer day.  From the moment you woke up, you were a bundle of excitement. You were extra agreeable all morning. We painted your nails and toenails, gave you a bath, and set up all the decorations. (And then you a managed to eat two cupcakes while I was in the shower.)  

 The men delivered the bounce house and you stood there and watched them like a little supervisor.  

  Daddy went to pick up some of the food and the balloons and when he came back your face lit up in a way that melts my heart. You were SO happy to see the horse balloon you picked out last week.  

You were so excited to put on your party dress and you looked so beautiful and like such a big girl. 
When the guests started to arrive you were a gracious little hostess and said hello to everyone. You even got out of the bounce house to say hello to Aunt Dawn & Jenn Jenn! That was a proud mama moment for me. You’re so friendly and appreciative of everything.
The petting zoo arrived and you were the first one to go over to the animals. You stayed by their side for the entire time they were here, petting them and feeding them every apple, carrot and cheese doodle you could find. 
You barely had time to stop and eat more than one bite of pasta and meatball. But, when it was time for cake and for singing “the happy birthday song,” you were ready! You happily wore the hat we picked out at the party store last week (your new favorite store, by the way).

The princess ice cream cake, with your picture on it, was a surprise for you and you were thrilled with it.

Your expressions, while everyone sings to you, are priceless. It’s pure joy and it makes my heart burst with love to see you so happy.

At the end of the night, after everyone left, you finally calmed down enough to eat some salami and Italian bread. You also had quite a few sips of sodie (aka soda), which you love. We asked you what your favorite part of the day was and you said “the bounce house, and the petting zoo and the swings”.  So basically, you loved it all! We’ll call that a successful birthday party!
Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us today. It means to world to all three of us that you were a part of this awesome day. Gia loves “all her people” — and so do we!

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