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One of the things I want to start doing more is posting quick little posts that remind me what Gia is up to now. Kind of like a snapshot, just with words. Sometimes I get so caught up in writing that each post becomes a novella in and of itself.  For longer, more involved events and happenings, that’s not a bad thing. I know I’ll look back at all these stories one day and be so happy to have them written out in such detail. But flip side is the stuff that happens every day: the cuteness, the hilarity, the very essence of Gia. So here’s a start to a series of “daily life” posts that I hope will happen more often.  Gia is really into equality lately and thinking about other people in addition to herself. It’s a really cute milestone in her social development. If she picks a flower, she has to pick one for me, for her and for daddy. And sometimes the cat even gets in on the action. She’s a great sharer and will always give you something she has — even if it’s ice cream or candy (her faves!). The other day Gia was painting pictures and, of course, she had to paint three. After they dried she handed them out: one for me, one for daddy and one for Abby.   But, it was the middle of the afternoon and Abby was no where to be found.  She was likely off somewhere napping. So Gia said, “Mommy, I can put it right here” and she held the picture up in front of Abby’s food bowls. So, I gave my sweet little girl a piece of tape, and she hung the picture low on the wall, so Abby can see it while she’s eating. Adorable, if I do say so myself.

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