One Kid, Two Kid, Red Fish, Blue Fish

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Baby boy’s due date is fast approaching. Three weeks from today I’ll be a mommy of 2. It’s kind of incredible. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. It seems likes the past 9 months simultaneously flew by and crawled by.

Photo Credits: Noelle Soroka Photography  My mom said something to me the other day that really struck me. She noticed that I’ve been really happy lately. Even through the pregnancy discomforts, I’ve been pretty relaxed and upbeat. (Which isn’t always like me. I can be a stressed crazy lady sometimes.) And she’s right. I’ve been really content, way down deep in my soul. I feel blessed, and like I’m right where I’m should be. And, the truth is,  I’m not really worried about having a second child in the house. Maybe that sounds really naive to those of you with more than one kid. Maybe I’m in for the shock of my life when this little bundle of joy arrives and I’ll be tearing my hair out on a daily basis.  Only time will tell.  

  But, I’m pretty realistic about what the baby will bring. This time, I not only know there will be sleepless nights and rough days when no one eats or listens or does anything other than cry, including mommy, I understand exactly what that means. And, I’m so much more prepared.  You can’t really understand exhaustion before you have kids. And, pre-children, you can’t really understand the fact that, after you have a baby, there is always something you should be doing. Sure you can sit on the couch and watch tv, but there’s probably a mountain of laundry or dirty bottles or something (or even someone) waiting for your attention. Your time isn’t really your own anymore.   


There is one teeny tiny thing on my mind, though: Gia and her transition to big sister.  She’s this amazing little person who just gets better and better each day. I  know I’ve said it before but she’s a really well-behaved, smart, agreeable, loveable child. Sure, she has her moments, like last week when she was sick of listening to me give her directions and told me “get out Mommy. Please just get out of my room.”  And, we’ve had our share of epic tantrums (mostly when she’s tired or I won’t let her do something herself). But mostly, we have so much fun together. And I’m worried all that’s going to go away when baby brother gets here. I’m worried I won’t have enough time with her. I’m worried she’ll get pushed aside and that her lovely little life will change so much that she’ll hate us forever. 

In my heart I know we’ll be fine–all four of us. I guess that’s how I can continue to feel contentedness, even while I think about the unknown and Gia. I know Gia’s heart will grow to include her brother, and all the love she showers on me and her dad and the cat will expand and she’ll constantly tell her brother how much she loves him in the same way she does with us. I know some of my attention will be taken away from her, but certainly not all of it. I know we’ll have plenty of girl time together. It’s still just a little scary. But, I’m pretty hopeful that this crazy ride called Motherhood is only going to get better. (Yes, Motherhood deserves a capital “M”!)

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  • Reply Jodilynn

    I am 100% confident that Gia, much like her mommy (whom I admire intensely) will blossom as this new transition takes place all around her. And I second what your wise Mom told you – you have never seemed more at peace, more content, and more aware of the beauty within and around you than you have been these last few times I've seen you. SO many blessings are lined up to greet you, Krista!!

    10-01-13 at 10:08 pm
  • Reply Ariel @ Dreams To Do

    I'm so happy for you! You are going to make the transition to 2 beautifully! And Gia sounds a lot like my Leila so I'm sure she's going to be the best big sis and momma's little helper. 🙂 I enjoyed having a newborn the second time around so much more. I was much more relaxed and knew to not take everything so seriously because the new baby stage just flies by.

    10-02-13 at 4:46 pm
  • Reply Krista

    Aww Jodi you are so eloquent and so so kind! If my girls are anything like yours, I'll call that a success!

    10-02-13 at 6:30 pm
  • Reply Krista

    Thanks Ariel!! You're such a sweetie and I hope you're right! I recently read one of your posts from before you had Landon and it really hit home for me. I'll be sure to bother you when I have sibling questions!

    10-02-13 at 6:32 pm
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