Ouch & the last bit of summer fun

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I can’t believe tomorrow it’s September. Fall is coming fast and, while I’m excited about the changes coming around here (more on that soon!), I’m not entirely ready to say goodbye to summer. So, we’ve been soaking up the last rays of sunshine and heat before it’s back to schedules and routines. The Quinntessential Mommy

My husband happens to be off all 3 days of this Labor Day weekend and that never happens. Like, ever. So yesterday we {finally} headed to the Land of Make Believe for some rides and family fun.


Yet again Gia went on this dropping thing (see picture below) and my little daredevil loved every second. Despite my smile and cheers, she must have sensed that I was scared for her, because the whole time she was on the ride she was giggling and screaming with the other kids and yelling to me, “I”M NOT SCARED!”.


IMG_0854 IMG_0850

But before the LoMB, I squeaked in a little PT.  Oh wait, I haven’t shared that wonderful story here yet, have I? Let me back up a little and bring you all up to speed. Last week, as I was taking Nicholas’s 10 month pictures, which I promise to share soon, I fell. And fractured my tailbone.  Yup. Broke my butt.

I was squatting down to get a good shot of him and I just lost my balance and fell right on my tailbone. The pain was immediate and tears sprang to my eyes. I was kinda moaning and Jon couldn’t tell if I was laughing or crying. You know when you hit your elbow and it’s so painful in an odd way that it kind of takes your breath away? That’s just how this felt.

I was sore immediately and it was really hard to go from sitting to standing for the first 4 days. And then last Tuesday something else happened and all of a sudden I couldn’t stand for more than 2 or 3 minutes without excruciating pain–the kind of pain that overwhelms you and makes you dizzy. So Wednesday I headed to the orthopedist who did x-rays and confirmed the fracture. She also said I must have messed up the muscles surrounding the tailbone as well (the sacral joint, in case you were wondering), which was causing the pain upon standing. (She had a much more medical term than ‘messed up’)  🙂

She gave me a pain med, which I was too afraid to take because I hate pain meds. (She also suggested I get crutches, which I did, and I’ve been using them as much as I can with 2 little kids.)  Advil was not doing ANYTHING though and on Friday night I decided I should probably seek out a physical therapist so that I could try to get at least a little relief. I was desperate and ready to cry thinking that I’d likely have to wait till Tuesday to see anyone.  And then the skies opened up and a PT appeared on my doorstep.

Ok, so, not really. But it was almost like that.

I posted about my butt and my PT dilemma on a local Mom’s board on Facebook and lo and behold I had several PT suggestions in less than an hour. One woman told me that her husband is a PT and would be in at 8 am on Saturday.  On Saturday morning I waited patiently till 8:07 when I deemed it ok to call–I didn’t want to seem over eager even though I was ready to pass out from the pain.  Paul was expecting my call and was able to have one of this therapists see me at 10.  Hallelujah!

I’ll save you from the boring details, but I will say that PT is amazing and I’m so thankful for Paul & his team. I’m still in quite a bit of pain, but it has definitely been reduced. I now feel like I’m actually on the mend. I can stand for longer before the pain sets in and I’m hopefully that I’ll heal more quickly than the usual 4-6 week recovery time.

So yesterday at the Land of Make Believe I carried around a tiny folding seat and sat pretty much the entire time. It went something like this. Hobble to the ride Gia wanted to go on; sit on seat and wave like a maniac as she rode; hobble to next ride; repeat. But, ya know what? She had a blast.  It was, as Gia so eloquently said, “an awesome day”.

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