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I’m thrilled it’s summer. I absolutely love the warm weather and the older I get, the more I love it. I’m actually a happier person in the summer. Being able to throw on shorts a tank top and flip flops every day is heaven to me. And this winter was so cold and snowy that it makes me appreciate it even more. Dare I say I don’t mind the hot sticky humidity at all!? Bring it Mother Nature! (And keep it here a while!!)

I love being outside with the kids. We joined the town pool this summer and it’s been great. Gia goes in the kiddie pool by herself and Nicholas and I hang out on a blanket in the shade. Sometime he naps in the stroller and I can relax for a whole 5 minutes before Gia needs me to dump the water out of her goggles or hand feed her a snack so her shriveled and freezing little fingers don’t get it all wet.



In other news, Gia started camp and she loves it. She’s with a bunch of her little friends and she’s having so much fun. I was worried about how she’d do going every day (preschool was only 2 days a week) but she’s absolutely great. She comes home happy and can’t wait to go back the next day.


And after the first day of camp we had to go for fro-yo of course. (“Mommy, I’m going to get mint because I love mint. Mint is my favorite. If they don’t have mint, I’ll pick something else, ok?”)


Later in the week we went swimming in my mom’s community pool. The water was super warm and I even went in! (This NEVER happens. I hate the water.) Nicholas loved it too!


Recently Gia saw a commercial for s’mores. We were watching tv together and she was totally mesmerized by the “little graham cracker and marshmallow sandwiches” as she called them. So while she was at camp I picked up all the supplies and that night we made s’mores outside. She thought they were so tasty and so much fun to make. She loves telling anyone who’ll listen all about s’mores. “They’re like little sandwiches. You need graham cracker and then chocolate and the you roast the marshmallow and when it’s all gooey you stick in on the chocolate and then another graham cracker goes on top. And then you bite it.”


In Nicholas news…he is still not crawling but is scooting everywhere and getting into everything. He tries hard to crawl, but he also tries hard to stand and can pull himself up! And, he isn’t into purées much anymore. He only wants to self feed, which is fine with me, except that his pincer grasp isn’t perfect yet and he drops slippery things like bananas. So the plan of attack is to shovel as much purée into him as I can before he gets bored. And then I offer him cut up pieces of whatever I have that’s appropriate for him. He loves waffles, pancakes, watermelon, nectarines, graham crackers, bananas, muffins, pizza, toast… This weekend I need to spend some time making meatballs and other healthy finger foods for him.


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