Part 2: The Best Days of My Life

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The other day I was listening to “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors and started to think about the best days of my thus far. You can read part 1 of that post here.

But for now, let’s finish up the list.

5. The day I found out I was pregnant with Gia

In November 2009 we weren’t trying to have a baby. We’d been married for just over a year and we were traveling and enjoying being DINKs (double income, no kids). In fact, it was my first month charting my cycle to learn about my body so that, in the spring of 2010, we could officially start trying to conceive.

We went to Arizona for a long weekend and I remember feeling funny our first morning there. Also, according to what I’d read about charting, my temperature was supposed to be going down in preparation for my period. But it wasn’t…it was staying up. I thought it was due to traveling and continued to have a great time in AZ, drinking, eating sushi, sunbathing and just generally relaxing!

On Monday, November 9th, we were back from AZ. Jon went to work and I was still off (for NJ Teacher’s Convention) and I still hadn’t gotten my period. I threw on sweatpants and ran to CVS to get a pregnancy test. I came home, took the test and waited five very long minutes. Then I peeked…and there were 2 pink lines! My line was darker than the control line. There was no mistaking that I was pregnant! I remember walking around in circles for a good 20 minutes, just smiling and saying “Oh my god” over and over. I called my doctor right away to make an appointment and then I went to the bookstore to buy Jon a parenting book as a way to tell him. I didn’t want to tell him over the phone, but I have no idea how I kept that secret for 8 whole hours. (I’m a terrible secret keeper with Jon. I usually blurt everything out.) I told him the minute he walked in the door and he was shocked and happy.  And 9 months later, little Gia arrived!

4.The day Gia was born

Gia was due on July 17, 2010 and she was late late late. After 10 days of trying everything from spicy food, basil pizza, eggplant, walking for hours, and other *ahem* activities, she just was not coming on her own. I was induced at 9 pm on July 26th. My water broke quickly and I was in labor all night. By 9 am the next morning I was barely 4 cm dilated and Gia’s head was not dropping. After a few more hours and Pitocin it was clear that I was not progressing and she was not going to fit (they’d estimated her to be 8 lbs 10 oz and I’m a tiny person when I’m not pregnant). So I opted for a c-section and at 12:43 pm Gia entered the world. She was huge (9lbs 1 oz) and had such dark eyes. (After the fact the doctors assured me that the c-section was the right path. There was little chance of her fitting through.)

The rest of that day is a bit of a blur. I was exhausted from a night of labor and then major surgery. I know lots of my family came to visit and I know I didn’t really feel like anyone’s mommy yet. But, looking back, that day is so special to me because being a mom means everything to me, and that’s the day Gia gave me the gift of being a mom–her mommy.


3. The day I found out I was pregnant with Nicholas

I’ve blogged about this one before because it was such a different experience from when I found out I was pregnant with Gia. Even though it wasn’t quite as big of a surprise, it was every bit as magical to see two pink lines on a pregnancy test–especially when you’re waiting for it and really really wanting another child.

2. The Day Nicholas was born

Just like the pregnancy stories (and the pregnancies themselves), the day Nicholas was born was so different from the day Gia was born. I was much more nervous, much less tired and, already a mommy. I felt fierce mommy love for him instantly. I also really wanted to protect Gia and make sure she didn’t feel overshadowed.  The stars aligned that day though, and everything was perfect. My little family was complete!

meandn Noelle Soroka Photography

1. Today. 

Not literally today. More like these days of my life, this time in my life. It’s not always easy having a headstrong three year old and an itchy infant. Some days are easy, and everyone is happy and sweet and sleeps well, and some days aren’t. Some days we don’t get out of our pjs and Gia has an attitude and Nicholas won’t nap because he can’t stop scratching long enough to get comfy. But even on those days, I love my life. Sure, I’m tired, usually in sweatpants and my house is a bit of mess, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that I’m home with my kids and that I get to blog and write and cook and take pictures and be a wife and mom. My hope is that, as these two beautiful kids continue to grow, I grow with them and continue to feel as happy and fulfilled as I do right now.


A few announcements…

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