Pee Wee Soccer

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I have a major backlog of posts about things we did this fall that I haven’t had a chance to blog about yet. So bear with me for the next few weeks as the posts bounce all over the place. First up is PeeWee Soccer! 

   Gia is a pretty active kid. She can be a girly girl, but she also loves to run around and be crazy. So, we signed her up for peewee soccer. It’s an hour-long town rec program for 3 and 4 year olds and it teaches them the basics of soccer. Two of Gia’s good friends and her cousin are also playing with her. She was so excited to start!

They begin with some warm-ups like jumping jacks and stretches.

Then they do some drills and each kid gets a chance to kick the ball into the net and practice dribbling the ball around some cones. (Apparently no one told Gia that we don’t use our hands for soccer!)

And then the last 10 minutes of each session is a “game,” which is really just all the kids chasing after the ball, trying to get a chance to kick it.

These pictures are from the first day–and Gia LOVED it. She wasn’t so crazy about the game at the end. She gets nervous when there are a million kids running around because she’s afraid someone is going to run into her. (This summer at gymnastics camp this is exactly what happened. She and another kid collided not once, but twice. And ever since then she gets scared if there are too many kids running around near her. Can’t blame her.) So I didn’t force her to play in the game at the end. I let her watch.
In the coming weeks we had a bit of a hard time getting her to play and love it as much as that first day. When it’s time to get ready in the morning, she says she doesn’t want to go to soccer. When we get there she is usually ok, but some days it takes more coaxing than others.  And then we started dancing school and Gia is constantly telling me she loves dance more than soccer.  Girlfriend has preferences and we’re totally ok with that. But, we’re not letting her quit soccer. She’s going to play till the end of the session and then next session, we’ll try something else!

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