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Every summer we go to Wildwood, NJ with my husband’s entire family. If you follow me on Instagram you already know what we were up to: lots of time at the beach and fun times with family!



Gia just adores her cousins and loves spending the week with them.



This year was a little tougher because of this monkey. We all know he’s not the greatest sleeper and, although we had things under control before we left, he had a tough time being away. He loves the pack and play, but being in the same room with us was hard for him. He’d wake up, see me and cry. We didn’t want to wake up the whole house, so –lucky for him–he was back in bed with us.


And, to top it all off, I wasn’t feeling great a few days before we left. I slept a little extra and did my best to relax as I was packing up pretty much our entire house. Turns out, I didn’t rest enough. The morning we left for Wildwood I woke up to a throat that felt like I’d swallowed glass. Over the past 4 months I’ve had strep throat 3 times and by now I’m an expert at knowing when I have it. I was certain I had it again.

We drove 3 hours and, as soon as we were in Wildwood, we headed right to urgent care where it was confirmed: strep again. The very nice doctor politely told me it’s not normal to have strep 4 times in 4 months and that I needed to see an ENT after our vacation. And, while on antibiotics I was to be super careful in the sun.

So, feeling crappy, a non-sleeping baby and not being allowed in the sun for long = not the very best vacation for me. But there was still fun to be had and I made the best of it. One morning we went to the wetlands, which was fun:






And we also made it to the Cape May Zoo, which the kids loved. I did get plenty of time to relax and read too, and that was awesome. We had many yummy dinners followed by massive ice cream cones, which I cannot complain about. We also went to the boardwalk and the arcade, which Gia loved. It was definitely a wonderful week, even if I didn’t get to spend as much time at the beach as I would have liked.


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