Resolutions? Nah!

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By now we all know that the majority of people who make resolutions break them before the end of January. You know how the gym is packed for a few days after January 1st? By the end of the month there is no one there. Everyone’s already given up on their resolutions. So rather than resoltions, I’m going to make some goals for myself in 2013: things that I want to accomplish. I’ll put them up here for everyone to see and then you can hold me accountable at the end of the year, k? 1. Continue to blog at least 2x a week. I’m surprised at how much I love blogging. It’s an awesome creative outlet for me and it’s a lot of fun. Added bonus: I’m documenting our lives! 2. Continue to hone my photography skills. I don’t have any upcoming classes scheduled, but I’m going to continue to snap away and practice my editing in Photoshop.  3. Patience. I don’t have a ton of it. I have enough. But I want more. This is something I’m always working on though, and 2013 will not be any different. 4. Make progress on my novel. There, I said it. I wrote a novel. I finished it in 2011 and I barely looked at it in 2012. I know it needs a complete overhaul in the editing department and finding the time to do that is not easy. But in 2013 I’m going to make progress. I don’t want to make a grand statement like “I’ll finish editing my novel in 2013,” because that might not happen. I have some other big projects on the horizon and I may not get there 100%. But I’m definitely going to work on it! 5. Get this house organized! Now that the big project is done (the kitchen) it’s time to tackle the smaller things, like our office — aka the land of the misfit stuff. If it doesn’t have a home, it ends up in our office. Same with the basement. Time to clean out & organize! Last, but most certainly NOT least…  6. Continue to make my family my priority. Gia is only going to be little once and I cherish every moment with her. I love making the mundane fancy or special. I make a big deal out of things because, ya know what, life is a big deal. We only get to do this once and I want to do it the best and most fun way I can.   What are your goals for 2013?

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