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We have had one hell of a winter so far this year. It’s snowed so many times that I’ve lost count. Today on the news I heard that this was the 12th storm and that we’ve had about 57 inches of snow this season. Yikes!

The first few times it snows, it’s pretty and cozy and not so bad. We do some crafts, bake some cookies and make some yummy snow day crockpot dinners. But by the 785th storm we are all sick and tired of it. Sick.and.tired.

Being away in the Caribbean warmth last week helped (more on the trip later) but we came back just in time for yet another Snowmaggedon.

Not surprisingly, Gia absolutely loves snow. She loves going outside in all her snow gear and stomping around.

She also loves to make snow angels.

snow angels

And she loves to eat the snow.
eat snow

While Christmas shopping this year I happened upon the last snow tube left in Target. It was $8. I sent my husband a text asking if I should buy it or not. Since there is no way in hell I’d be the one going sledding with Gia, I thought it was only fair to ask him before I just came home with a sled, looking like the big hero.  He was thrilled that I found one and told me to buy it.

We didn’t save it as a Christmas present (ditto for her new snow pants and boots) mostly because Daddy was more excited to try it out than Gia was. Gia loved it, too though. The day they tried it for the first time, they were gone for two hours!

As much fun as she was having, I know she’d take sand and sun over snow any day.  (Post on Jamaica coming up!)

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