Sparkly Wooden Spoons {Party Favor Idea}

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This year we had Gia’s kid birthday party at a local bakery with an adorable set up for baking parties. (No, I cannot believe my baby is almost 5. More on that later!) The kids each rolled and cut 5 cookies. While the cookies were baking they did a craft. Then they decorated the cookies and had cake.


Because the kids were already taking home 5 cookies plus a craft, I didn’t do too much of a goody bag. Instead, Gia and I made these easy and adorable Sparkly Wooden Spoon party favors! They took us about an hour and they were a BIG hit at the party. Read on for how an easy DIY party favor.

Sparkly Wooden Spoon Party Favors

What you need

Wooden Spoon Party Favors

1. Several wooden spoons like these

2. Modge Podge or other craft glue

3. Glitter in whatever colors you like

4. Clear Finish Spray

How To

1. Set up your work space by laying a bunch of paper towels out.

2. Make a small pile of glitter on the paper towels.

3. Dip the handle side of the wooden spoon into the Modge Podge. Use your finger to wipe off some of the excess. You want enough on so the glitter sticks, but not too much or the glitter will clump.

Sparkly Wooden Spoon Party Favors

4. Then gently roll the handle in the glitter until it’s covered to your liking. (You can also sprinkle the glitter on, but that will take longer. I found the dip/roll method to be easiest.) After they were rolled in glitter I lined them up on a large cookie sheet with the handles leaning off the side (not touching anything).

Sparkly Wooden Spoon Party Favors

5. Repeat for all of your wooden spoons.

6. Let them dry overnight.

7. Once they handles are fully dry, spray them with the clear finish to set the glitter in place. Some glitter will still fall off, so you can do another finishing coat if you have time.

Gorgeous, right?!

Sparkly Wooden Spoon Party Favors

I used ribbon to tie together the wooden spoon and a mini pancake flipper I found at Walmart. I attached a little thank you tag and I stood them up inside a Frozen cup and the favors were done! They were a big hit! Gia loved that they were so fancy and that she helped make them. And I felt good about sending home a favor that wasn’t solely candy.

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Sparkly Wooden Spoon Party Favors

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  • Reply shayla

    This is such a cute idea for a baking theme party as well! My girls would love this!!

    7-03-15 at 8:54 am
    • Reply Krista

      Thanks Shayla! I tend to think I’m craftier than I actually am, so this was a good one bc it was easy!

      7-03-15 at 10:19 am
  • Reply Lindsey Smallwood

    So cute! What a fun idea – I actually have all these things at home. Thanks for sharing.

    7-03-15 at 11:06 am
  • Reply Megan

    Such a wonderful and personalized gifts for the party. Thanks the DIY tutorial!

    7-03-15 at 8:16 pm
  • Reply Shann Eva

    That is adorable. Plus, what a great idea for a party! Even though I have boys, I think if he has a boy/girl party, everyone would enjoy this.

    7-03-15 at 10:42 pm
  • Reply Melissa

    Love these, so cute, and a great way to personalize a favor.

    7-05-15 at 8:02 pm
  • Reply Jane

    This is such a nice loot bag idea. Would make great baby or wedding shower giveaways too! I’d love blinged up wooden spoons for my kitchen.

    Thank you for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty! Looking forward to seeing you back next week.

    7-06-15 at 11:33 am
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