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Baby boy is going to be here in less than 5 weeks and we’re pretty much ready over here. His room is looking great and I’m hoping to have pictures for you very soon. The only thing left to do is wash his clothes (and pick up a few odds and ends). Thanks to my wonderful sprinkle this past weekend, I have TONS to wash!  

When we found out it was a boy, my mom had the idea to have a small get together to celebrate his arrival–a sprinkle, instead of a shower. I was all for it: I wanted to celebrate the arrival of our second child just as much as we did with Gia. It’s not about the gifts–we have nearly everything we need. A baby is a blessing, no matter if it’s your first or second or fifth and I didn’t want the impending birth of baby boy to be any less special and exciting.  So last weekend my mom threw a lovely brunch with my closest friends and family.



  We ate tons of delicious food made almost entirely by my mom and my aunt and we played games, all in honor of this baby boy in my belly.
 Here we are playing “Measure the Mama”. The guests had to cut a piece of ribbon that was long enough to fit around my {huge} belly and then hang the ribbon so we could see the length. Then I measured my belly and used that to see who was closest.  It was hilarious. Some of them were SO long they were probably taller than me!  

 It was a beautiful morning. And people were so so generous. There were so many wonderful, adorable, thoughtful presents. Here I am holding up a onesie my cousin made. It says “Wish my name was Vinnie Quinnie”. My goofy smile in this picture is because I just finished laughing my tail off. How clever and hilarious! (Check out this post for the story behind the silly name.) 

 This little guy is all set & is going to look adorable for the next year, at least! And of course, what’s a party without cake? (It was carrot cake — one of my faves — and it was so so good!) 


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