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In this house, we love everything to do with Christmas. From planning our Christmas Card (check out last year’s here) to doing Christmas crafts (love these DIY ornaments ) we love it all!

This year I read about a new Christmas activity that is meant to teach the kids about the true meaning of Christmas and the Advent season. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m really a religious person. And for that reason I jumped at the chance to check out the Star from Afar. I loved the idea of bringing religion into the Christmas season in our house.


Gia is in her first year of CCD this year and Nicholas goes to a Christian Preschool so I knew this would be the perfect time to introduce the Star From Afar. Both kids have a general understanding of God and the fact that on Christmas we celebrate baby Jesus’s birthday.

The other day, while Gia was at school, Nicholas and I got our Star from Afar all ready to go.We had so much fun setting up the beautiful wooden nativity scene on the bookshelf in our family room. As we placed Mary and Jesus and the Wise Men and the animals, Nicholas asked who each one was and it gave me the chance to explain — in 3 year old terms — about the night Jesus was born.


Later, we gathered around the Christmas tree and Gia read the book to us. The pictures are bright and colorful and captured the kids’ attention immediately. I love that the story is so simple and beautiful. The kids had lots of questions about the Wise Men and the nativity and the birth of Jesus. I appreciate that the book was a natural conversation starter about what Christmas is really about. I also love that there is scripture for each day of December listed at the back of the book. The verses are short and easily incorporated into the search for the star.



After the kids went to bed we hid the star. In the morning they had so much fun looking high and low for it.  They were also really excited to move the Magi to near where the star was hidden because they understood they were helping the Magi follow the star. I also really like that the star can be hidden next to a certain Elf that shows her face around here every year around this time. My kids still do look forward to their Elf visiting and I love that these 2 games work together and create so much fun for my kids.

We’re really excited to put the Star back on top of the manger on Christmas Eve so that on Christmas morning the kids can move the Magi to the nativity, where they belong.

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