Strawberry Picking 3.0

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Every year we go strawberry picking as a family.  It’s one of our traditions and something we all look forward to. We got up early on a Saturday morning and headed to beautiful Warwick, New York with both kids. It was a gorgeous day: warm and sunny and not one bit humid.



It had rained a lot prior to our trip, but luckily it wasn’t muddy and the strawberries were ripe and ready to be picked. Gia was so excited. She loves strawberries and loves that she can just grab a strawberry and eat it right there on the spot.




Nicholas was a champ (as usual) and he just hung out in his stroller and watched. He was happy to be outside with pretty scenery to look at. I gave him some wild flowers to hold and he picked the petals off them and kept himself busy for a very long time.


We spent about an hour and picked a bunch of gorgeous, delicious strawberries.


And a few weeks ago, in preparation for our trip, I was smart enough to pick up one of these bad boys Chef’n Stem Gem Strawberry Huller  and holy cow was I happy I did. There’s so much less waste when you hull them and then slice them, which I loved.

So tell me, what are some of your family traditions?

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