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It’s not yet Thanksgiving but the start of November always gets me thinking about what I’m thankful for. This year I’m feeling overwhelmed (in a good way) with all I have to be thankful for. Maybe it’s the hormones, maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s a little bit of both…but lately, I’m feeling like a big ball of blessed. Yesterday several of my friends on Facebook started posting their daily “thankful” statuses and I thought I’d like to take the time to think about what I’m thankful for every day this month, too. Rather than posting to Facebook I’ll post here and add to it every day. Keep me accountable, ok? If you check this page and notice I’m behind, drop me a line on Facebook and remind me to get going on the thankfulness! 

 I’m thankful for…  

November 1 —  my healthy baby boy Nicholas (who also happens to be a very relaxed and easygoing baby, which I’m also thankful for!)
November 2 —  my healthy girl Gia (who also happens to be the funniest, sweetest 3 year old around, which I’m also thankful for!)
November 3 —  my husband. He’s been absoultey amazing through my whole c-section recovery. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in parenthood & life.
November 4 — my mom. She’s so supportive & loves me & my little family so much. It makes me so happy to see her with my kiddies too!
November 5 — my health.  (Went for my 2 week postpartum checkup & all is well!)
November 6 — doctors. Gia had a little scare today and ended up in the ER. I’m so thankful for all of the people who treated her.
November 7 —  staying at home with my kids. I love my job, but being home with these 2 is priceless.
November 8 — good friends who are there for the good and the bad!
November 9 — family dinners. I love sitting around the table with my husband and daughter, eating a good dinner that I made. 
November 10 —  my stepdad. He’s awesome and we are so lucky to have him in our lives!

Oops…a little behind…

November 11 — cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes. They’re the perfect sized dessert. They’re like little cups of happiness (to me, anyway!)
November 12 —  Starbucks & my Keurig. Late nights with the little man mean my coffee addiction is back in full swing. And, like a big girl I’m now drinking full caffeine again.

November 13 — my car. We got it right before N was born (it’s a Traverse) and it’s perfect for our family. It’s also a dream to drive.

November 14 — Gia’s school. I’m so happy she has a place that she loves so much and that she has amazing teachers who foster her love of learning.

November 15 — photographs. We had an awesome newborn photo session with Noelle Soroka Photography last week and I love love love the pictures. Having these moments captured means the world to me!

November 16 —
November 17
November 18
November 19–
November 20 —  this blog. Because of it I’ve had some amazing opportunities this past year and I’m hopeful they’ll continue. (It’s amazing what happens if your life when you recognize your true passion and commit to it. I love writing and this little blog opened some huge doors for me!)

November 21 —


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