Thanksgiving Craft

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’m so excited! It’s our first holiday in our new house and we’re hosting. I can’t wait to make the mother of all meals in my brand new kitchen. (I know, I know, I still haven’t posted the pictures of the remodel. I’ll get there…I promise. First let me just feed 15 adult members of my family and 4 children.)

After a day of cleaning and prepping the house, I pulled out the art supplies and Gia and I did a quick Thanksgiving craft. I was reminded of this no-so-original, yet adorably cute idea on Pinterest and thought Gia is at the perfect age to do it.

We made hand print Turkeys to use as place cards tomorrow.

I was a little worried that it might not work out so well because Gia typically hates to get her hands dirty (kinda like her mommy). So, I told her what we were doing a few days ago and she warmed up to the idea. We got through ten hand prints before she said “Wipe my hand off Mommy!”  She took a little break to paint by herself (using her paintbrush) and then we cajoled her into finishing up the last 5 place cards.

So here’s the step by step:

1. First I cut pieces of construction paper in half and then folded the halves in half. I stacked all the little cards so they were ready to go once Gia’s hand was painted.

2. I painted her entire hand brown.

 3. I gently pushed her hand down onto the cards and then peeled the paper off her hand very carefully.

 4. While she was taking a break from the strenuous hand printing, I painted black eyes, yellow beaks, red wobbly necks and little legs onto the thumb print part of the turkey.

5. Lastly, after everything was dry, I wrote names on each place card. Some of the hand prints are a bit crooked, so I had to get creative to fit the names on the cards. But, ya know what? It adds character.

The finished product!

Gia and I were really happy with how they came out. I think my family is going LOVE them too!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  • Reply kristykay123

    Such a cute card! Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!

    11-22-12 at 3:10 pm
  • Reply Krista

    Thank you!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too 🙂

    11-22-12 at 5:27 pm
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