The Adventures of Flat Kaila

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Flat Kaila came to Jamaica with our family!  Jamaica is a beautiful, small island in the Caribbean and over 1 million people visit Jamaica every year. Jamaica is about the same size as Connecticut.


Flat Kaila was very excited for her first plane ride with her cousin Gia.


We stayed at the Iberostar Suites Hotel in Rose Hall Jamaica. The hotel was very big! It had four restaurants, 2 pools, a beach, and a water park. (See map.)


The weather in Jamaica was beautiful. It was sunny and hot everyday!  Flat Kaila loved the beach.



She loved to play in the sand with Uncle Jon and Gia.





When it was time for a break from the sun, Flat Kaila relaxed in the shade with Nicholas.


All that time on the beach made Flat Kaila hungry, so she went to the buffet with Gia and ate lots of delicious food. She tried many new fruits, like papaya and Jamaican apples.



Flat Kaila also loved going in the pool with Aunt Krista and Gia. The water was cool and refreshing!

jamaica15 copy

Here’s Flat Kaila at the water park with Gia.


Flat Kaila learned a lot about Jamaica. The Jamaican flag is black, yellow and green. (See postcard, too.)
Flag ~ Jamaica
The Jamaican people are very relaxed and very kind. They are very helpful and love to say “no problem” (see postcard). In Jamaica, the people don’t use American dollars like we do. They have their own money, called Jamaican Dollars. One American dollar is equal to $108 Jamaican dollars! (See $50 bill and Jamaican coin.)

Flat Kaila had a great time on vacation!

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