The Land of Make Believe

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Last summer we took Gia to the Land of Make Believe in Hope, NJ. It’s a small amusement park and water park meant for little kids. Last year, our trip was one of the first times she’d gone on rides and we had so much fun.
I was worried we’d have to skip this summer because I’m pregnant and not really up for trekking around in the heat, but last week, we decided, spur of the moment, to go.  This pregnancy is so different from when I was pregnant with Gia. I feel better the farther along I am; and I feel better the more active I am. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m still exhausted and achy and all that good stuff, but in general I feel pretty good.)
Instead of getting there at 10 am when it opens, we did the late shift and it worked out perfectly. Gia napped in the car, stocking up on all the energy she’d need to run around for a few hours. We got there a little before 2pm all the early birds were already leaving. We scored a parking spot right near the entrance. And, since it was later in the day, it was already starting to get cooler.
Gia went on lots of rides and loved them all.

  And of course we spent over an hour with the animals at the petting zoo.

Later, we went on the train two times. Here we are at the station, waiting for it.

We both have crazy eyes in this picture.
I love this litte face so much.

At the end of the day, Daddy convinced Gia to ride on a mini free fall ride. Somehow she wasn’t scared. Till she got on, that is.

Jon didn’t realize quite how scary it was till they got on. He talked her through it–telling her she was ok and that it was almost over. She didn’t cry and she didn’t freak out. I don’t think she truly loved it, but she was a trooper and made it through. I was really proud of her for acting like such a big girl.
Add another fun summer day to the books!

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