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Jon has been off and these past two weeks have been pretty great. We’ve been in happy newborn haze. We stay in our pjs till mid-afternoon some days. One of us plays with Gia and the other tends to Nicholas. We have lunch and then we go out. Jon takes Gia to the park or the farm and Nicholas and I just relax at home. Or we all go for a ride so Gia can take a snooze in the car.  

  Now that Nicholas is here and we’re all thriving, I want to document it all. I wish I could record nearly every moment of every day. There are so many things I now wish I’d documented about Gia’s first days. I remember a lot, and then there’s a lot I don’t remember.  I remember Gia being a champion eater. She’d take her bottle, burp and go right back to sleep. She was an expert sleeper (giving us 5 hour stretches by 3 weeks and sleeping through the night at 7 weeks.) After she took her bottle, I remember her looking up, with her big, brown, unfocused eyes and smiling. We used to say she saw angels up there. (And with the whole “Bobby” thing, I’m pretty sure we were right.) I also remember not really feeling like her mom until a few days after she was born.  

  With Nicholas so many things are different. I felt fierce mommy-love from the second he was born and I got to kiss his little cheek for the first time. He’s easygoing, just like Gia was. He only cries when he’s hungry or wet and he’s a good sleeper (4 hours at night). But, he’s also taking the scenic route through these first few days of his life. He eats slowly, he looks around slowly, taking it all in. He looks like a little turtle or an old man. Or both. He’s also super-strong. He likes tummy time and can push his head up and over to the side, and has been for about a week now. He accidentally rolled himself over from his belly to his back the other day too. And, he even gets his knees under him. 

  He’s so snuggly, too. I totally forgot that part of having a newborn. He’s so warm and cuddly and sometimes Jon and I just hold him because he’s little and we can.This morning I fed him at 5:30 and he ate and fell right back to sleep and I put him down on the bed and just so I could watch him sleep.   He’s already getting too big for newborn size clothing and is fitting in some of the smaller 0-3 month stuff. The newborn diapers aren’t huge anymore either. His little umbilical cord stump fell off and he’s taking 4 oz of his formula/breast milk mixture** most of the time, which means we’ll be done with the small 4 oz bottles soon too.  Watching him grow is bittersweet. I know he’s my last one and I want to keep him a baby forever. With Gia I was always SO excited for the next milestone. With Nicholas it’s a little different. I want to hang on to his babyhood as long as I can. And then there’s me. Being a mommy for the second time is a much more mellow experience. With Gia I was nervous about little things. It took a few weeks for me to fully trust my motherly instincts, and even then there was a lot of guesswork because it was my first time parenting and there’s a lot I didn’t know. This time has been quite a bit more relaxed (for Jon too). On Halloween we went to visit my mom at work and I didn’t even bring a bottle for Nicholas. I know him well enough to know we’d make it home in time for his next feeding. If that had been Gia, I would have had 3 bottles and 2 different outfits in the diaper bag hours before we needed to leave the house. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) The toughest part so far? The busyness. I knew having two kids would mean there wasn’t much down time. But wow–it’s crazy. One tiny little person creates a LOT of extra work. Between laundry, pumping, bottles, mealtimes for us, and keeping Gia’s life going (school, soccer, dance), we’re always doing something. And right now Jon’s home… Check back with me in a few weeks to see how I’m doing in my “happy newborn haze”!  **For the record, we are bottle feeding and I’m pumping, so Nicholas is getting both formula and breast milk. I’m pro feeding your child however you can. Breast milk, formula…it’s your choice and I’m not judging either way.

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