Tips for Writing Thank You Notes With Your Kids (Part 2)

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Most people dread writing thank you notes, right? I know we do over here! What kind of thank you note should you send? When is it a good time to have your child help you with thank you notes? Head over to my friend Michelle’s blog Our Three Peas and check out Part 1 of this series “Tips for Writing Thank You Notes with Kids” to get the answers to these questions! Then read below for what you should say in that thank you note, as well as some ways to make writing thank you notes fun!

Tips for Writing Thank You Notes With Your Kids

What should the thank you note say?

  • Keep it simple and personal. Thank the gift giver for the item or items. Then, give a reason why your child likes the gift or an example of how they’re planning use it. Lastly, thank the gift giver for thinking of your child and for coming to the event.
  • Even if your child isn’t old enough to write, ask him or her for help with the wording. You’ll be surprised at how easily they can tell you why they love a particular gift and it’ll be way cuter than anything you could make up!
  • If money is involved, keep it vague and don’t mention the amount given. Simply say, “Thank you for your generous gift.  I’m saving up to buy ______ and this will really help!”
  • If a gift card was given, include what the child used it for or what they plan to use it for.

When should you send thank you notes?

Don’t let too much time pass before sending the notes! It’s best to send them within two to three weeks of receiving the gift. And who wants them hanging over your head any longer anyway?! 😉

Make it FUN!

  • Make writing thank you notes fun. Turn on some music, grab a few snacks and gather all your materials: the cards, envelopes, pretty colored pens or markers, stickers, stamps and return address labels. Sit at the kitchen table or a desk with your kids and work on them together.
  • Let your kids put the stamps and return address labels on the envelope and don’t stress if they’re not perfectly aligned. The receiver will know just who helped with the stamping and I’m sure they’ll think it’s adorable.
  • Aim to write in batches of 5 notes at a time. Set aside some time over the course of a few days. and work on a few at a time until they’re complete. This way they won’t get burnt out and hate writing thank you notes!
  • Visit the post office together to mail them! Or, let your child put them in your mailbox and put the flag up for the mailman. My kids love anything to do with the mail and this is their favorite part of the whole process.
  • If you get feedback about the notes–maybe grandma mentions she were loved receiving the thank you note–make sure you tell your child! It’ll make him or her feel good and it’ll show your kids that it was worth the time spent!


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  • Reply Alyssa from The Sparkly Life

    Love this post! I am the WORST with thank you notes. I always dread doing them–and then they’re inevitably super late. Love these tips about working on them WITH your child though. That would definitely make them a lot more fun. Thanks! 🙂

    6-04-15 at 12:09 pm
  • Reply Jill at Maggie May's

    Great post! I think we have to work really hard to keep Thank You Notes around. This digital age is rubbing them out but they are such an important thing to keep going….thanks!

    6-04-15 at 12:42 pm
  • Reply Tricia

    These are great tips! My son isn’t old enough to write thank you cards, but I’m sure he would like to help me.

    6-04-15 at 1:51 pm
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