Tips & Tricks: Coffee Edition

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So after Gia hijacked all my K cups, I came across a handy little gadget I bought nearly 2 years ago but had barely used: The K-Cup Saver. It’s a tiny stainless steel top that allows you to reuse k-cups!

Apparently the company I bought mine from is no longer in business. (I checked their website and it’s no longer there). But there are several other options available on Amazon like these.  Now, I know there are several companies that make re-useable k-cups, but if you have the Keuring Mini, not all of  these things fit.  I bought 2 different kinds and they didn’t fit in my machine. I was fed up and thought these little lids would be easier to use. They are!

So here’s what you need:

Your favorite coffee, a used k-cup, and a saver lid

Peel the lid off the k-cup. Do this over the garbage so you don’t get coffee everywhere.

Scrape all the coffee out and then gently rinse the inside till it’s cleanish.

Then put scoops of your favorite coffee inside the kcup. Pack it down a bit so it doesn’t get diluted during the brewing process. (The water moves through the k-cup kind of fast and that can make the coffee a bit watery.)
Then put the new lid on the k-cup. Just gently place it on there. It won’t fall off.
  Put the k-cup in the Keurig & brew!
Viola! You’ve re-used the k-cup, which saves money and is a greener option (k-cups are NOT recyclable.)
Happy coffee drinking!

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