To My Three Year Old

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Dear Gia,
 Today is your birthday. Today you are three. You’ve officially been mine for three whole years. Some days it feels like you’ve always been here and I can’t remember life before you.  Some days it feels like you just got here, and we’ve only just begun to enjoy this mother-daughter journey together.
I’ve been thinking about writing you this letter for a few days now and I don’t think I can possibly put into words all that I’m feeling. 
Let me start with this: I cried last night after you went to bed. They were happy tears, with only a tinge of sadness mixed in. It was the last  night you’d be two, and three just seems so big, so grown up. There isn’t anything I love more than watching you become this amazing little person. But it’s still a bit sad to watch my baby disappear before my eyes. 
Today was the most wonderful day. It’s so much fun to celebrate you and your life. Last night daddy and I decorated the entrance to the kitchen so you’d have a fun little surprise first thing this morning. You LOVED it. 
Then we took a trip to the Maritime Aquariam in Norwalk, CT (aka “ee-quariam,” as you say). You saw fish and sharks and meerkats and birds. We bought nectar for you to give the birds, but they were big and they scared you. One landed on your head and you kind of freaked out. You did get a kick out of daddy feeding them. Later you pet a crab and held a hermit crab and that was much more your speed. Then we had lunch & you napped on the way home in the car.
Once we got home we opened presents. Of all the awesome presents you received, your favorite is the $2 pair of safety scissors I got you at Wal-mart. You love to cut and we’ve talked about the fact that 2-year-olds are not allowed to cut, but when you turned 3, you could have your own scissors. Mommy made good on that promise and you were tickled pink. You spent a good half hour cutting up wrapping paper. Happily.
 Yadi & Joepa came over for dinner. You were thrilled that more of your people were here to celebrate with you. After dinner we went to the Melting Pot (aka “the chocolate restaurant”) and you must have said “this chocolate is deee-licious” 75 times over the course of the evening. 

sign at the Melting Pot

And then it was time for bed, time to end this perfect third birthday. You insisted on wearing your new “Ree-punzel dee-jamas” to bed and you were so adorable in them, how could we say no? 

Gia, the past three years have been the best years of my life. You are a joy and a blessing and not a day goes by that I don’t realize that and thank God for you. In this little family of ours,  I’m the lucky one: lucky to have YOU!
Happy Birthday Sweetie Girl!

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