Family Train Rides and Ice Cream

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Now that I’m back to work, it’s been a challenge to find time to spend as a family–all four of us. We’ve been sneaking it in whenever we can. Between my husband’s rotating schedule, Gia going to school every day, Gia’s activities (dance AND gymnastics–more on that later) and me working everyday, there are very few days when we’re all home together, all day. In fact, after today there won’t be another entire day together for a while.

Last week we decided to make the best of these last few warm and gorgeous days and we took the kids on a train ride.


Gia was so excited. She loves trains and has been wanting to take a ride for a while. We got on at the train station in our town and rode to a few stops to a nearby town.


Gia was so excited to get on that she did NOT want to stop to take this picture, hence the goofy smile. She may also have been worried the train was going to start moving without all of us aboard.



We were on the train for about 20 minutes and it was the perfect amount of time. Gia loved handing her ticket to the conductor and he used his little hole puncher to punch a smiley face on her ticket, which she thought was great. She also had fun looking out the window and listening to the conductor announce the next stop. Nicholas was happy to sit on our laps and bang on the windows and just generally check out the surroundings. Just as both of them were getting antsy, we arrived.

Once there, we had ice cream and walked around a bit, and then headed home. Next time you’re looking for something quick, inexpensive and spontaneous to do with the kids, take them on a train ride.  A simple thing was so much fun just because it was new for the kids. Watching them experience things for the first time  never gets old.

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