Uncle Bobby

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So, as you know, we aren’t sharing the name of baby boy till he’s here. We know he’s a boy and when he’s coming, so we wanted to keep something a surprise.
Well, Gia nearly ruined that for us the past few weeks.  If you recall, when I first got pregnant, we told Gia right away. She was barely 2.5 and didn’t really get it, but she immediately thought the baby was a boy and wanted to name him Bobby.  Well, she was right–it IS a boy. And we’ve been referring to him as Bobby ever since.
Part of the reason Bobby stuck with us is because it has family significance for me. I have a deceased uncle with whom I was very very close and his name was Uncle Bobby (my mom’s brother). He passed away when I was seven, and every time I think of him, I think about how much he’d love Gia and how much I wish he’d been around for so many more years. Gia is so much like him–she loves flowers and animals and is such a happy, loving soul.  My mom and I think Gia is connected to him and that, through her,  he’s letting us know he’s here with us. 

Uncle Bobby & Me (about a year old)

A month ago we finally decided what to really name this baby, and — silly me — I told my very smart, never-forgets-a-thing, 3 year old. I figured she’d forget and still call him Bobby. A few days later we were visiting my mom at work and one of my mom’s colleagues asked what the baby’s name was going to be. Gia blurted out the real name and then followed it with “But we can still call him Bobby.” Which is exactly what I said to her when I told her his real name, just a few days earlier. I almost passed out. Jon didn’t know I’d told her the real name so it was quite a shock for him too. My own mom didn’t even know we had definitely decided on a name, let alone know what it was! There was quite a few “ohmigods” on my part and quite a few giggles too. And there was little Gia, looking around like, “What? That’s his name, isn’t it?”.

After that very funny incident, I had a little talk Gia and told her the real name was a secret. “A secret, mommy?” I said, “Yes Gia, a secret. We aren’t telling anyone the name. So if someone asks you, just tell them it’s Bobby.”  She was tested again yesterday—we bumped into an old friend of mine who asked her what her brother’s name was going to be. She looked at me, paused and then said “Bobby!”  Smart girl, G. Smart girl. The only small glitch in this? I think the nickname Bobby is going to be hard to shake. Yesterday superstitious me broke down and bought Gia and the baby matching shirts for his newborn photos. I usually don’t like anything personalized before the baby is here (this is just about the only old-school Italian notion I subscribe to), but I needed to order these shirts soon or they wouldn’t be here in time. And of course, I kind of can’t stop thinking of him as Bobby.

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