Update: Aftermath of Sandy

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So Sandy DID live up to the hype, and more.

I’m so thankful to be able to say that the Quinns are all safe and sound. We lost power around 9 pm on Monday. The wind was scary, but luckily all we had was a few branches that broke off the trees in our front lawn. The rain wasn’t too bad here, and thankfully there wasn’t any flooding.

On Tuesday morning, Sandy was on her way out.  The contractors were able to make it to our house and began the demolition of our kitchen, even though we didn’t have power.

Since our house was freezing and a construction zone, we spent the morning with some good friends in Suffern who had power. Gia played with her pal Adrianna and I was able to charge my phone and store some food in their freezer.

After the contractors finished, we headed to Wayne to spend the afternoon and evening with my cousin, who kindly took us in and fed us. Gia had SO much fun playing with her cousins and Aunt Dawn and Uncle V.

Hanging out, eating popcorn, watching Tangled.

We came home around 8pm and as we drove toward our street we realized that all of the houses on the way had power. We turned on our street and, house by house, everyone had power…AND SO DID WE! Yippee—we were so happy! No cable, but who cares?! We’re safe and warm.

Since then, we’ve been surviving. The kitchen work continues on. Halloween was lots of fun…more on that soon!

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