Watch out Tiger Woods!

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While we were in Wildwood we took Gia mini golfing for the first time. In true Gia fashion, she loved it. There are so few things that she doesn’t like…it really makes taking her most places a breeze. 
We went to Duffer’s on a sunny, non-humid, gorgeous morning. Gia loved her golf club and the fact that she got a pink ball. She didn’t really care to hold the club the right way though. Nor did she care for the actual rules of the game.
Her version of the game goes something like this.
1. Hit the ball (the right way).

2. Watch it roll for about 2 seconds. 3. Pick it up and run to the hole with it.  

  4. Drop it near the hole. 

  5. Use the club (in a very awkward way) to shove the ball into the hole.  


  6. Yell “I WON!”


7. Proceed to pick up Mommy’s ball or daddy’s ball and “help” us get it in the hole the same awkward way. 
8. Repeat 17 more times.


The other day we went to one of Gia’s friend Gianna’s 3rd birthday party at an indoor play place in New Jersey. It’s right next to a mini golf place. I didn’t think she spotted the golf place, but I was wrong. As we were leaving the party, Gia said, “Look Mommy! Golf! I want to play golf!” So on Monday we had some cloudy weather and were looking for something to do (Jon was off) so we took her back. She had just as much fun the 2nd time around.

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