We’re getting a new look!

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I’ve been dying to tell you this for a few weeks now, but I was keeping it a secret until the perfect time… The Quinntessential Mommy is getting a new look!

The fabulous Cristina, from PixieDustStudios, designed a brand spankin’ new blog for me and she did an amazing job. She (patiently) listened to all my ideas and made a bunch of changes so that this blog reflects not only my personal style, but the feel I wanted the blog to have.

Within the next few days we’ll be transitioning over to the new look. And, I have some awesome posts coming up. From Gia’s Christmas dress choice, to the unveiling of our Christmas card, to my new favorite cookie recipe, I’ve been busy prepping posts. I’ve held off on posting them though, because they’ll look some much prettier in the new space (and we all know how much I love me something pretty).

Check back Tuesday for the new design!

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