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So after a wonderful vacation, of course we couldn’t have a nice, calm, normal week back to the grind. Right?

 We got home on  Tuesday evening. Wednesday was hectic because I had to work, foodshop, unpack, etc. Thursday I finally got around to doing some laundry. I went down to the basement, where our laundry room is, and found quite a large puddle on the floor. The hot water heater was leaking–from the top AND the bottom. We’ve had this happen once before (in our condo), so thankfully I knew who to call without having to bother Jon at work. By Friday at 11 am we had a new hot water heater and were a bit poorer. We considered ourselves lucky though, because we fixed the problem before we had 40 gallons of water all over our basement.  Fast forward to Monday. We’d been home for nearly a week and I was still playing catch up with the cleaning and the laundry. I ran down to the basement to throw in a quick load of laundry before heading to work. And, what did I find? Another puddle on the floor in the basement. I hadn’t even touched the washer yet, so where the heck was this coming from? My mom arrived to watch Gia & I showed her the problem. She thought something was wrong with the washer–and even though I hadn’t yet used it when I saw the water–that it was the culprit. Turns out she was right.So this morning we bought a new washer.  

  But wait. I’m not done.  It’s not over.  Before we went on vacation we ordered custom roller shades and a coordinating cornice for the triple window in our family room. They arrived while we were gone and were supposed to be installed yesterday.   You know where I’m going with this, right? The cornice was 2 inches too long to fit in our window frame. The “home designer,” who came over to consult with us and help us pick fabric and do the measuring, messed up the measurements and it doesn’t fit. They’re making us a new one, but we have to wait 2 more weeks for it to get here.

This is the look we’re going for: custom cornice & roller shades. We chose a striped fabric and cream colored roller shades.

   None of these things is a really big deal. But, all of them together? It’s just really frustrating.  Sometimes I hate being a homeowner.

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