What’s in a name?

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Not much, if you’re a two year old.

On the way home from Petco, I aksed Gia what she wanted to name the bird and she said, “Birdie”.  I explained to her that the bird needed a real name–an actual name that’s not the type of animal he is. She knows plenty of people with pets and all their pets have names. Nana & Papa’s cat’s name is Boomer and Yadi & Joepa’s dog’s name is Lulu…etc etc. She didn’t care. She was perfectly ok with Birdie.

After asking for suggestions on Facebook and getting some really good ones, we left the final decision to Gia. Sort of. We read her the list of names we liked. Her reply to every single name was “Nope.”

Finally Jon and I picked 2 names and told her to pick one. And she did.

So, without further ado, here’s

Charlie Birdie.

Yup, that’s right. He’s not just Charlie, he’s Charlie Birdie.  We just couldn’t get her to drop the ‘birdie’.

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