Wordless Wednesday

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  I fancy myself a novice photographer and because of that, I used to hate Instagram. I’d see all these cool looking pictures on Facebook and I’d be angry that such awesome photos came from a freakin cell phone. I could sit in front of Photoshop for hours and never get a picture to look that great, yet with a few taps of the finger, now everyone’s a photographer?  Once I got over my anger and actually joined Instagram (thanks Steph!) I love, love, love it. It makes cell phone pictures look really cool. And it doesn’t take anything away from “real” photography. (I imagine this is how photographers felt when we shifted from film to digital. But that’s neither here nor there.) As a new Instagram-er I’m totally in love with every.single.picture I take and wanted a way to display them all on the blog. So, after an hour fiddling with this free photoshop collage template, I finally figured it out. I’d like to say I’ll do this every week and show my 4 favorite Instagram pictures, but every time I promise to do something on a regular basis, I poop out and never quite make the goal. But this time I’m gonna try–really hard.   Ok so it’s not exactly wordless Wednesday, but it’s close.   ps. If you want the link to this awesome free collage, leave me a comment on the Quinntessential Mommy’s Facebook page!

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