A Birth Story {Nicholas}

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There are so many things I want to remember about Nicholas’s birth day, so forgive me if this post is all over the place! 
On October 22, Jon & I were up at 4:30 am so that I could shower dry my hair and put on makeup (call me vain, but I wanted to look nice because I know these pictures are going to be around forever!). We left the house at 5:30 to be at the hospital by 6.  From 6-8:30 we did all the admittance things like answering a bunch of questions and getting prepped for surgery. They had us in a Labor & Delivery room and there was plenty of down time for Jon and me to relax as much as we could. At that point he was pretty nervous and I was pretty calm, but excited to meet my baby.  

 My doctor (Dr. Z) stopped by to say hello and I met the anesthesiologist, Dr. M.  At 8:30 we walked to the OR.  The minute we entered the OR I silently started to panic a little. It’s kind of scary to be awake while someone is doing major surgery on your body and it all hit me at once. Looking back I realize that, up until that point, I had pushed the whole surgery thing out of my mind because I was so focused on getting to meet Nicholas. Being in the bright and sterile OR was a wake up call though. Before I met Nicholas I had to have surgery. Dr. M did the spinal (which was not bad at all–getting the hep lock in my wrist was much worse) and layed me down on the table.  I remember looking up the huge lights and thinking that I should have tried to give birth the other way. No matter that I was NOT a good candidate for a VBAC and had high blood pressure and needed him out. Sometimes fear just takes over. I kept thinking “Stop the ride. I want to get off”.  Bizarre, right? The anesthesiologist and nurses were great though and kept me very comfortable.  At 8:58 they started & brought Jon in. He was nothing short of amazing. He talked to me and held my hand and was so sweet and calming. He kept telling me I was doing great. At 9:03 they told me to brace myself for lots of pressure (and there was a TON–so much that I couldn’t breathe for a second) and they pulled out Nicholas Robert. They told Jon to look and he was able to see them pull his head out. Nicholas cried immediately and it was the most beautiful sound.  

  It took them about 25 more minutes to put me back together, during which time Jon went with the baby to take pictures. He came back and showed me a few on the camera & I got all teary eyed. He also came to tell me that Nicholas was 7 lbs 5 oz. (When Gia was born, we knew she was going to be big and I think I asked about 10 times how much she weighed. I didn’t end up finding out till we were in recovery. This time I didn’t even have to ask!) Soon Nicholas was ready and I was able to kiss him before they headed to recovery. I joined them about 10 minutes later.  


 When they wheeled me in, this is what I saw, and it made my heart so happy.

  We were in recovery for about an hour. I did skin to skin and tried to breastfeed Nicholas but he just wanted to cuddle and moan. He wasn’t crying but he was making lots of noise. It was so so sweet.   

  We were brought to our {awesome, huge, corner} room around 11. My mom and Gia came about 15 minutes later and Gia met her brother for the first time. She was just beyond sweet. She uses this tiny little voice when she talks to him and about him. She loves to see him move and make noises. 


We gave her a present from Nicholas (the Barbie & Barbie horsie she saw a commercial for and has been wanting SO badly.) She loved it. She gave Nicholas an elephant lovie that she picked out for him. Jon held her and let her touch him and she was sort of petting him. It was adorable and made me so happy to see. 

   My mom and Gia only stayed for a little while and then it was quiet time in the Mother/Baby unit (2 hours in the middle of each day when no visitors are allowed). Jon and I relaxed and cuddled with Nicholas.
Later that afternoon we had a bunch of other visitors. My mom and Gia came back for a while, Jon’s parents, his brother and wife, my dad, my aunt & uncle and 2 of my cousins all met Nicholas.  It was a perfect birth day.

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