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Oh hi!  Yes, it’s me. I’m still here.  Rather than write you a long (and very boring) post about where I’ve been, I’ll keep it short. I had oral surgery at the end of March and WOW was it horrendous. I could barely chew for a week. And I’m no where near the end of the process. And another thing. I’ve noticed something funny about myself and blogging. The busier I am, the less I feel like I have to write about. You’d think that with all the stuff we’ve been up to lately, I’d have a ton to say. But nope! It’s like my mind is on overdrive and I don’t know where to start, so I just don’t blog at all.

But this is me jumping back in. The weather here in the Northeast has been horrible and this past week, although temps are on the rise, it was gross and rainy.  So we took the opportunity to go bowling for the first time!


The day before we went, I asked Gia if she wanted to go bowling. Her answer? “But I never went bowling!”  I explained that that was kind of the point–to try it. “Do you know what bowling is?”  I asked her. “Yeah. You get the ball and you roll it and knock down those things.” Yup, that sounds about right!

Once at the bowling alley, Gia couldn’t contain her excitement. She happily put on the shoes, which aren’t nearly as ugly when they’re kid-sized. Then she was running all over the place, asking which lane was ours. She helped me set up the score-keeping computer screen and she found the least heavy, “kid friendly” ball.

Then it was time to bowl. We showed her how to bend and give it a push, which was just more fun that she could have imagined.



She had so much fun watching the ball meander its way down the lane and bump into the pins just hard enough to knock them over. Every time the ball made contact, she’d yell, “I win!” and throw her hands in the air.  Then she’d run back to the ball retriever thingy and stand there with her palms outstretched, waiting for her ball to come back to her.



Jon and I took turns bowling and feeding Nicholas, who was more interested in watching what was going on than in drinking his bottle. We only bowled one game and Gia was sad when it was over. And…she was actually good! Yes we had the bumpers, but her ball didn’t hit them often at all–Jon needed them more than she did. 😉 She even beat her his score! Overall it was an awesome rainy day activity and one I forsee doing again very soon!

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